We are FIVI artisans of sustainable wine in Medea [Gorizia]. Transparents 100%.

We are artisans winegrowers and we will always act in the niche market, thus proposing a sustainable wine that respects our countryside history, the terroir and the natural environment.

We are in Medea, a small town halfway between Gorizia, the border town, and Palmanova, the fortress town, as well as a few kilometers from the Slovenian border. It is in this land, still with a pulsating nature, that every day we run our company of 4 hectares and 20 thousand bottles, making transparent, coherent and concrete choices in order to respect our “Manifesto” which sums up our rules of life and of work, also as artisan producers of beer and cured meats.

In fact, in each of our bottles you will find 100% of our transparency towards (1) the values ​​and knowledge of peasant civilization, (2) the terroir that hosts us, but also (3) the nature that welcomes us.
Furthermore, the “Bruma (t)” symbolizes our dedication to the vineyards well. In fact, we are in the vineyard 365 days, with good and bad weather.

As artisans we need to sneak into the niche market. So the niche for us is that of curious wine, vine and story lovers. First of all for us, wine must be a co-star: the real actors are the people, their souls and their dreams. In fact it is for this reason that we believe in our personal motto “Brinda Drink Smile”.
Still our favorite consumer is the one who loves good things and a researcher of quality, curious about authentic life and experiences in the vineyard, as well as a lover of knowledge, interested in beauty and moreover in small things.

Pour the wine to share it in the various moments of your life.
Toasting, drinking and smiling is the best gift we can receive.

Welcome to the Brumat Family.

The Manifesto