Terroir, organic and sustainable viticulture

We believe in sustainable viticulture to preserve the terroir as a precious heritage to be handed over to future generations

For full transparency towards the consumer we certify what we have always done: sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. In fact, we are proud to produce our wines in a territory where natural colors (brown, green and blue) are predominant. Since the vine is a living subject that follows Nature – year after year, day after day and in any weather – we repeat techniques and tasks in the vineyard that are the same only in name and not in execution following a constant technical update.

Adherence to the National Quality System of Integrated Production (SQNPI) formalizes even more the social pact with the Earth that hosts us; that is the awareness of operating the terroir with great humility and offering a certified healthy and safe product.

Therefore, 2022 marks the beginning of our conversion to organic while maintaining the commitment with the SQNPI certification.

Our main sustainable actions:

  • The sowing of herbaceous crops from green manure so as to bring organic plant substance to the soil;
  • The controlled management of grassing between the rows;
  • The decisive reduction of the use of copper and non-use of insecticides, beyond the mandatory treatments for the containment of some physiopathies (flavescence);
  • The insertion of apiaries near the vineyard “L’Orto”. As is known, much literature speaks of the role of bees as a fundamental indicator of the health of a place. In fact, bees are considered “environmental sentinels”;
  • Still implementation of preventive measures with the aim of protecting the plant, followed by strict controls;
  • Pruning and management of the leaf cover to achieve the right balance between the development of the plant and for better penetration of light and treatments, as well as for effective ventilation of the grapes;
  • Maintenance of ditches and dirt roads for water regulation;
  • Energy saving thanks to the presence of a photovoltaic system that generates the electricity used for the Company and the Osteria. Still an electric bike charging point is an additional plus;
  • Our bottles are sustainable with a weight of about 450 gr. to minimise CO2 emissions even during transport. The caps are also natural and the cartons in our packaging are made of recycled paper.