The Osteria Vinars

The traditional Friulian “frasca” interpreted in a mix of tradition, culture, beauty and above all excellence in wine, beer and Brumat products.

Form the Friulan language vinars [vìnars] cine “venerdì”, vinârs [vina:rs] cine “vinai, vinaioli, vinattieri”.

The Osteria Vinars is an “agriturismo” for families, couples and groups of friends who are looking for an environment full of warmth and appreciate style and attention to detail. In fact, it stands out from the traditional village taverns, representing a delicate balance of original ingredients.

What we love most is to offer a personalized service, attentive and respectful of your needs and your guests. We will be able to listen and meet your wishes. We will be happy to make even the smallest convivial meeting magical. This will be your real luxury!

Whether you arrive by car, by bike (even an electric one, making use of the recharging point available for you) or on foot, as soon as you go through the entrance portico, you are struck by the welcoming internal courtyard with its vegetation in the style of garden designer Piet Oudolf, leading name in the New Perennial” movement, a naturalistic practice that enhances gardens full of perennial plants and deliberately wild, almost “uncultivated”.

Still the comfortable porch gives the environment a relaxed informality, thus favoring the dialogue between inside and outside in the name of love for nature and for the outdoors. These spaces are able to accommodate musical moments or meetings as well as small events, unique occasions in which to let yourself be pampered even more.

Finally, you are inside the Osteria Vinars.

Finally, here are the interiors of Osteria Vinars. The relaxed attention to detail typical of elegant English and French country houses meets the Japanese spirit of the Wabi-Sabi. A Japanese concept based on discreet beauty [wabi] generated by the presence of a natural imperfection linked to the passage of time [sabi]. This is how the objects that make up the Osteria Vinars are: that is, asymmetrical, simple, made with natural materials, with rough and irregular surfaces and of non-uniform color. Each element has been chosen with care and attention to infuse the environment with a unique atmosphere, but at the same time extremely comfortable.

In the first room the focus is on the long and wooden counter with its sixteen drawers that once served as a treasure chest for small products in a haberdashery shop. The second, on the other hand, is distinguished by the splendid small collection of English Tureens.

The “King of the table” is the Brumat cold cuts: salame, pancetta, lardo e soppressa, lingua salmistrata. All handcrafted by the Brumat family who personally take care of the animal’s breeding up to the finished product. To complete so much goodness the Crudo D’Osvaldo, produced in nearby town of Cormòns, and a selection of typical Friulian cheeses – Montasio della Latteria di Cividale del Friuli, Formadi Frant San Juri and goat cheese from Azienda Agricola Zore – accompanied by a delicious apple mustard quinces and the inevitable polenta. And again the cotechino and the “brovada” also produced by the Brumat Family, as well as the tasty sausage that enriches the traditional Friulian dish “Toc in Braide“.

Where we are

You can find us in the province of Gorizia, in Medea, in Corso Friuli at n. 46.We are 10 km from the A4 Venice-Trieste motorway, Villesse exit and the Shopping Center Tiare/Ikea.

For information and reservationsCell. +39 335 6299703 also through the WhatsApp service (here on the website). Or write to info@vinibrumat.com

We accept payments in cash, debit card and credit card.

The Brumat’s products at your home

How to sell and book

You can taste the flavors and aromas of the products of the Brumat Family at your home. Since these are handicraft products, availability may vary according to the time of year. Therefore it is still advisable to book (using the contact details indicated in the Contact area), thus agreeing on the day and time of collection.