10 points that reflect our values and our actions in our personal Manifesto, an expression of our craftsmanship.


Our value: the trasparency

A single principle: transparency. No blend, no compromise, 100% of ourselves in our products. In fact, for 70 years our history is reflected in our commitment to produce raw materials to generate artisanal wine.


Taking conscious decisions

Many goals every day: to strengthen our history; defend biodiversity; guarantee the integrity of the terroir; define our design; respect the consumer. And many other commitments will arise along our growth path.



We ourselves together with others.

We and the terroir: we represent it outside any market logic. So we are in the Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti – FIVI because we believe in the values of the winemaker who must produce in his territory; preserve the terroir; defend the landscape and joyfully describe to the consumer about it.


Small and well organized

We recognize our weaknesses and work to improve them by establishing partnerships with professionals who, in addition to being trusted advisors, have also been chosen for their values.


Toast Drink Smile

Generators of conviviality, the true and sincere one, sincere, free from superstructures or formalities. Wines to be tasted in an authentic way and with spontaneous gestures; people, their souls and their dreams are the real protagonists. Our favorite consumer is those who love good things and a researcher of quality, a lover of culture, interested in design and small things. A lover of wine, curious about authentic life and experiences in the vineyard.


In praise of the terroir

The DOC Friuli Isonzo area is a plateau gently sloping down from the hills of the Collio and the plateau of the Carso towards the Adriatic Sea. The temperature is optimal thanks to the thermoregulatory action of the sea and the mountains that enclose the plain and curb the penetration of winds from the north, this creates a perfect balance in the aromas of the wines. The Isonzo river dynamically determines the morphology of this territory: rich in stones and minerals, including iron and aluminum. The wines are mineral, elegant, vertical and particularly long-lived.


The value of sustainability

In the vineyard 365 days. We work to increase the biological vitality of the soil, its structure and mineral content as all these elements will help establish a natural balance in the vineyard which helps to produce high quality grapes whose characteristics respect the terroir.


Beauty, taking care of the soul

We make good things beautiful. We need to surround ourselves with beautiful things to cheer up the soul. Attracted by the imperfect beauty that nature gives us, with inimitable colors and discreet elegance, we pay homage to this on our label with a symbolic glimpse of country life.

Nelle prime ore di un giorno silente la campagna è avvolta in un’intima bruma protettiva./Dolce è l’incedere di fagiani e pernici tra la flora assopita./Odo lontano il suono ovattato delle campane del borgo a scandire il lavoro dell’assonnato vignaiolo. 


Bees, invaluable collaborators

We have enthusiastically adopted the collaboration with bees, environmental sentinels responsible for 80% of the pollination process in nature. Thanks to the support of a technician, we will develop this process with conviction over the years.


Green Soul

We are proudly convinced of the need to help respect the Earth. We do it daily by adopting good practices in the vineyard, countryside and cellar; generating electricity through a photovoltaic system; providing an electric bike charging point; using bottles with a sustainable weight (450 gr.).

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