The wines

Our wines, purely from white grapes, are the richness of a borderland and benefit from the winds and breezes of maritime and continental origin.
The dynamic imprint of the Isonzo River has given rise to a variety of terroirs to be discovered in our wines.

We cultivate, vinify and dream in the DOC Friuli Isonzo area in the eastern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the Province of Gorizia. The Doc Friuli Isonzo includes a flat territory on the banks of the Rivers Isonzo and Judrio, gently sloping from the hills of the Collio and the Karst towards the Adriatic Sea.

In view of our size we produce in vineyards-gardens, that is extremely well-kept. Our selected artisan production is divided into different portions of the territory of Medea and, to each of them, we have attributed an emotional description that distinguishes them well:

“Sot la Mont, The grapes are high, away from pheasants”
At the foot of the Colle di Medea we mainly produce our Friulano “Sot la Mont” DOC Isonzo.  Here the terroir is characterized by noble clays mixed with red gravel.

“L’Orto, we cultivate memory”
Behind the manor house near the old vegetable garden where grandfather Severino Brumat planted the vegetables that enriched the peasant table there are vineyards that have seen more than 70 years of harvests. The terroir is composed of colluvial deposits, red earth and other types coming from floods of other waterways such as Versa and Torre.

Tant lavor ma .. biei raps e buine ue!” [a lot of work, but … beautiful bunches and good grapes]
Going towards the hamlet of Fratta di Romans d’Isonzo, this is the only vineyard that we cultivate as it is rented by the Franz Family.

Except for Friulano, the other labels are IGT Venezia Giulia and are equally lovingly followed according to the characteristics of the single grape variety and the terroir in which they are placed.


This wine could be entitled “Life in the fields” thanks to its harmonious personality capable of telling harvests, stories of lives and people.
The straw color and green reflections, the scents of a hay field, peach and a touch of exotic fruit, make this wine complete.


Always the wine of Friuli and Friuli Venezia Giulia: ask for a “tajùt” (in Friulian language) and you will be offered a glass of Friulano. A spring freshness that lightens the spirit in any season especially if accompanied by friendly smiles and words.


Malvasia Istriana is a vine belonging to the great Malvasie family of Hellenic origin and its cultivation in Friuli Venezia Giulia dates back to 300 AD. Istrian Malvasia, the wine that perhaps manages to best express our history because it comes from a 70-year-old vineyard that is pampered until the harvest of its fruits.


Our Sauvignon grows facing north, this detail gives the wine an indisputable freshness.At the sight it is immediately bright, with a straw yellow color and green reflections, combining the glass with the nose we are transported to an Italian garden, and we immediately begin to perceive hints of gooseberry, sage, thyme and boxwood flowers.


When it arrived in Italy from France, more precisely from the Gironde, it had a high-sounding name: Carménère! Tuscany and Friuli are the paradises of this wine with a distinctly herbaceous flavor. Freedom of expression with a complexity of scents that lead to the memory of violets, blackberries and a peppery tip.