FIVI – Independent Winemakers

The Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers – FIVI has the scope of representing and safeguarding the Italian winegrower (person, work and the technical-buisness interests).

According to the art. 2 of the new Statute approved on 7 July 2021, the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers – FIVI will be able, by way of example and not limited to, to carry out the following activities, in addition to those instrumental or ancillary to them:

a) enhancement and promotion of the role and work of the independent Italian winemaker as the maximum guarantee of the authenticity of the product and an instrument of protection of the territory, as well as of the wine-territory link;

b) enhancement and promotion of the so-called viticulture heroic;

c) protection of the collective interests of the sector of independent Italian winemakers, also acting as representative interlocutor of the category in the dialogue with community, national, regional and provincial institutions, aimed at promoting the launch of initiatives aimed at enhancing the social and economic role of the independent winemaker;

d) implementation of initiatives for the cultural, technical and economic growth of the Associates;

e) disclosure of technical, economic, organizational and regulatory information for the permanent training of Members;

f) assisting the Associates in exercising their rights in court;

g) dialogue and possible adhesion, just resolution of the Board of Directors, to organizations operating at national and / or international level and having similar purposes.

The winegrower

The Winemaker is one of the fundamental figures of contemporary wine: it is essential to ensure the consumer a wine that has a strong attachment to the terroir. The winemaker grows his own grapes and therefore the origin of his wine is certified by the efforts made in the vineyard and in the cellar.

The fundamental task of the Independent Winegrowers is that the vigneron remains in the territory

To make wine

to preserve the terroir

to defend landscape

to the consumer’s delight